Thursday, July 14, 2011

what I've been up to (in pictures)

(window cat #1)

(window cat #2)

(first lazy homemade pickles of the season! lazy= store bought pickle juice added to garden cukes)

(summer squash)



(new custom alligator)

(new whale)


  1. I really want to eat a pickle now...

  2. window cat #2 could by my Cohen's sibling. Funny white on the nose and everything. Love it.

  3. I wish the husband would let me get us a second cat!! Anyway, your veggies look awesome and your new etsy products are adorable!

    P.S. I'm so glad you are back even if its just for a minute! :)

  4. Your kitties are so cute. And I'm jealous of your home grown veggies.

  5. Those are so yummy!!

  6. awww! i love the alligator!!!

  7. lisa- I've heard thats a pretty common symptom...

    shannon- aw! long lost twins

    heather- thank you! my husband is the one who keeps bringing the cats home. no more though!

    ms. bunny- thank you! I recommend veggies to anyone. I have barely gardened at all, and they turned out pretty good!

    jo- they are! I am excited :)

    lizzie- thanks! present for a little cousin