Tuesday, June 28, 2011

grow garden grow

(the tiniest cucumber)

(wee berries)

(beans! I've been eating these guys everyday)

(pea pods!)

Sorry for the spotty posting, folks. Promise to be back soon! Like a champ this time!


  1. jealous! every year I tell myself I'm going plant a veggie garden, and every year I come up with some lame excuse.

    maybe next year...

  2. Huzzah! We cheated and bought our veggies already started so we have tomatoes and peppers already. The cucumbers we planted from seed are looking lovely, but our poor, sad berries are a total bust.

  3. yay garden!!!! so much fun
    what else do you have ?!? <3

  4. Wow, you already have edible beans? Not so much on a flower on the ones here yet. Hmm. The peas have been churning out tasty goodness, though, so there's that.

    Also, that cucumber is probably the cutest garden picture ever. :)

  5. shannon- yes! next year! the easiest I've found are cucumbers, beans, cherry tomatoes, squash. they all seem to grow like weeds!

    heather- my berries ended up being a bust too! I always start them too late

    L&L- lots! tiny eggplants too :)

    craftosaurus- aw thanks! also, your garden posts have been great! your plants are doing very well!!