Friday, June 3, 2011

a winner + a new mix!

and the winner is...

(dramatic pause)


(pause for applause)

who said (and by said I mean typed):

Hi! You're one of the blogs I follow just by typing in the url and it auto-completes and then I just visit your blog every day. Old school, I know. Well, sort of school. I'm not sure how old auto-complete is.

ANYWAY I love this bag even though I'm sure even sure it's a cosmetic bag? If I win, I'll either give it to my fiancee, or heck, I'll use it as a new toilettry bag or even as a travel bag for my guitar picks and capos.

Hooray! I totally liked her Facebook page too. I also liked it in real life.

Excellent! I just checked and your site autocompletes here too! I just sent your info over to the other Lisa and she will be in touch!


Today's mix is a collection of songs on my mind lately. I'll list the reasons why for the full effect!

Paranoid Android (cover)- Weezer (great cover/heard on the radio the other day)
Life Goes On- Noah and the Whale (radio)
Flame- Sebadoh (thinking of my music friend my high school/think I will do a post on this)
Letter from an Occupant- New Pornographers ( great summer music/had cd on repeat)
You are a Tourist- Death Cab for Cutie (new cd!)
Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley (wanted to listen to/ cd is skipping/boo)
No One Else- Weezer (probably bad mix etiquette/whatever/listened to this cd in lieu of RK)

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  1. I'm so going to listen to Weezer today. It needs to be done.

  2. yay for bret! yay for good music! WOOT.

  3. Yes! Huzzah! Now I've won (1) a great new blog header and (2) a fantastic cosmetics bag since I started blogging.

    This. This is why I love the internet.

  4. shannon- yeeeeessss!

    lizzie- yay! glad you liked it

    bret- hooray! also, your banner is so awesome, lizzie is the best!