Saturday, February 12, 2011

this is a story but you're not in it.

So last night, even though I had originally felt like staying home and being sad, we went to a concert. I am very glad we did. We saw Josh Ritter and the lead singer for Frightened Rabbit opened. He was really great and now I can't get this out of my head:

and this:

The lead singer looked like my husband's best friend, but hairy. Which made me like him more.That and he had an extremely charming accent. Also, Josh Ritter looked so psyched to be Josh Ritter. It's nice to see a musician so jazzed to be performing and having a blast. In addition to this, there was the most amazing Josh Ritter fan in the audience. He completely made the show for me. I couldn't tell at first if he was serious but as the night progressed it became very evident he was. Here are some highlights:

1- he was headbanging
2- he talked about how great Joh Ritter's hair looked at 4 times.
3- he complimented JR's outfit really loudly and he heard him
4- he knew every word
5- he danced and jumped up and down and fist pumped to all songs

I mean, how great is that? Also, JR was sticking to a very strict valentine theme so he was reading love notes people wrote in to his website. The sweet ones were great (there was a marriage proposal, he said yes) but I loved the silly ones better. Some of my favorites were 'Remember when we made love with Jeopardy on it the background? Remember when I killed the mood by yelling out 'Salmonella!' and 'To Jack from Jack I have been watching you for a long time and now I know you are the best person on earth and I love you'.

Now, off for errands and cupcakes. Happy weekend to you all!


  1. haha. we had JR in studio at the radio station i worked for for a performance, and people GEEKED out a bit. some people just lose it over him, i guess!

  2. That's so wonderful! I love that people get cuckoo over artists that they admire. So so glad you had this time.

  3. lizzie- they do! he has craaazy fans

    jolynn- thanks!

    sarah- thanks!

    you guys are all so sweet!