Friday, February 18, 2011

like totally mix

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. Still finding out how to get back into the groove of that. I promise I started about 4 different ones that were never put up about everything from concert etiquette to plans for my vegetable garden this year. There's always tomorrow and next week right?

Anyways, thank god its friday. My mix this week was inspired by some close captioning projects at work and having to transcribe lots of 'you know' and 'like'. Here's your mix!

Kiss Me Like You Mean It-The Magnetic Fields
Like It Too Much- Kaiser Chiefs
Nothing Like You- Frightened Rabbit
Bohemian Like You- The Dandy Warhols
I Don't Like Mondays- Bob Geldof
One Day Like This- Elbow
Rock You Like a Hurricane- The Scorpions

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  1. Maybe next week you'll share the veggie garden plans?

  2. Excellent picks! I love that song by the dandy warhols, you ROCK. CONCERT ETIQUETTE. YES. I freaking hate rude folks at concerts! C'mon!

  3. You never fail me. This is why I can't wait to listen to your mixes every week! Keep them coming!

    Also, Im with Lizzie about concert etiquette. Have a little common courtesy, people!

  4. LOVE this mix!

    And look forward to the posts when they come. You're worth waiting for. ;)

  5. meghan- yes for sure! I need to do some veggie drawings & I will be ready to post!

    lizzie- ha ha thanks! yes I hate rude people in general but they seem WAY worse at concerts!

    heather- thanks miss!

    jolynn- thank you! you are so sweet!