Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oh, mornings

(nice sleepy photo of one of our cats. this is my basic morning face too. waking up is the worst! a close second is getting out of the shower...)

do you ever have grand plans for your mornings? I go to bed each night with a plan: wake up early. comment on + read all my favorite blogs. make breakfast. update blog. write emails. run errands. all before work at 8:30 + a 40 minute commute.

do you know the only thing I've gotten done*?
opening my etsy shop and hitting 'refresh' to see how many page views my new item has gotten.


* not including waking up, showering, ironing and throwing together this crummy half assed post!


  1. I've got a little post for your etsy shop tomorrow...

    And waking up is no bueno.

  2. I really wish I went into work at 11 instead of 9. I'd accomplish much more during my mornings if I did.

  3. oh dude...MEGHAN! i have a post up for hers too! what?! same brain waves, huh? anyways, your kitteh is adorable and i wake up worse than that. i wake up like this.

  4. aw, your cat is so cute. and i feel like an idiot because i do go into work at 11 and still accomplish nothing most days. sad.