Monday, March 21, 2011

gab gab gab


Sorry I have been mia on the blogscene. I have actually been working on custom orders! I had two last week and I am working on three more right now. It kind of stinks not to have them going through my shop's site but regardless I am making toys and people seem happy! Also, I went to a super awesome fabric store with friends this weekend (best friends, indian buffet, ice cream & fabric shopping? Does it get any better????). I cleaned up on ridiculous discount fabric! I got everything from patterned fabric to velveteen to corduroy. So psyched. I also went to my friend's daughter's art show and got a chance to spend some time with her and her amazing family. Did I mention the art show was right across from Steve Carrell's general store? I was nervous I was going to see him since Ryan was running late and he is a much bigger Office fan then me and that would not be fair. I did not see him though (my friend did see him at our Super Target once though!). I did get a little sad watching how adorable her son is (he's 2) and really longing for a little one. In time, hopefully! Couple last notes: (1) how awesome is it when the blogging community gets together to do something? I just gave a little but I knew it would add it and it sure did! (2) my husband's new book is out. It's only on kindle now but will available on amazon soon. Check it out if you are looking for something to read! Also, he has a couple others for sale on amazon as well here. I love him to bits and he's extremely talented so take a look!

Much love to everyone, hope everyone had a nice weekend too!


  1. Hey! You can make them go through your site, just post it as "reserved for so-and-so"! That's what the lady who made my wedding ring did!

    Thanks so much for the notification of where your hub's books are! I'm excited!

  2. Best friends, Indian buffet, ice cream & so much fabric shopping! Thank you for a perfect weekend.

  3. Agree with what Jo said, that way it will show as a sale!

    Also, you could put up a listing for custom animal- and charge more.

  4. I love these "Everything" posts :) That animal is the cutest!

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I'm so happy your shop is successful. Your little animals are so cute so I couldn't imagine that it wouldn't be.

  6. Like I've already told you (maybe a few times) I LOVE your creations! And that sounds like the best day ever. It's really neat that Steve Carell bought a shop as a way of preserving it. It's hard to pull a profit on businesses like that, but for him it just doesn't matter.

  7. there is so much awesome going on in this post, it's ridiculous. your animals are WICKEDLY awesome. i love them.

    ryan's book!? looks amazing. i don't have a kindle, so i'm gonna wait for it to come out. that is AWESOME, lady.

    steve carrell bought a general store?! how amazing.

    there is too much to say "WOWWWWOWWWHAT?!" to in this post, jeez. next time spread it out so i can breathe while i read it, eh? :) kidding.

  8. Oh my goodness you and your husband are both so creative!

    I LOVE your etsy shop... it is downright adorable :) Everything looks awesome lady!

  9. Far be it from me to do a little self-promotion, but my book is now available from Amazon as we speak.

    I'd thank my wife for the plug, but I know it's because she's entitled to half of my estate now that we're married. Buy my book so Lisa can get half!

  10. jo- thanks for the ideas! I posted a reserved one last night!

    liz- love you tons, my best friend

    meghan- thanks for the tips!

    kerry- thanks! I made another deer last night + listed it

    ms. bunny- thank you so much! that is so kind of you to say!

    julie- thanks!!!! also, yes Steve Carrell is the best

    lizzie- you seriously are the sweetest! I will try to spread it out next time :)

    iheartkiwi- thanks so much!

    rjt- plug away! see you tonight :)