Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 to celebrate 100

Alright, I know I missed the deadline but this is my last minute contribution for International Womens' Day. Hope reading about these great gals makes your night, like it did mine.

100(+) women who make me (extremely) proud, happy and honored to be a woman (in no particular order):


1. my mom
2. my sister
3. my aunt(s)
4. my grandmas
5. my best friend(s)
6. my in-law(s) & new extended family
7. my blogger friend(s)
8. my officemate(s)
9. my cousin(s)
10. Neko Case
11. Kate Bush
12. Hilary Clinton
13. Madeleine Albright
14. Rosa Parks
15. the Obama ladies
16. Jackie O
17. Rachel Maddow
18. Tina Fey
19. Ellen Degeneres
20. Kate Beaton
22. Liz Lemon
23. Gloria Steinem
24. Lucille Ball
25. Wonderwoman
27. Female teachers
28. Female doctors
29. Louise Bourgeois
30. Frida Kahlo
31. Annie Lebiovitz
32. Guerilla Girls
33. Amy Poehler
34. Kristen Schaal
35. Isadora Duncan
36. Regina Specktor
37. Liz Phair
38. PJ Harvey
39. Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses)
40. Patti Smith
41. Kim Deal (of the Breeders and the Pixies)
42. Barbara Kruger
43. Marina Abramovic
44. Aung San Suu Kyi
45. Dilma Rouseff
46. Nancy Pelosi
47. Kristin Gillinbrand*
48. Angela Beckwith
49. Betty Frieden
50. Mother Teresa
51. Benazir Bhutto
52. Maya Angelou
53. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
54. Jane Goodall
55. Alice Waters
56. Julia Child
57. Margaret Sander
58. Melinda Gates
59. Sandra Day O'Connor
60. Rachel Carson
61. Martha Graham
62. the Bronte sisters
63. Jane Austen
64. Mary Roach
65. Linda Nochlin
66. Amy Sedaris
67. Margaret Atwood
68. Sloane Crosley
69. Miranda July
70. Princess Leia
71. Sarah Vowell
72. Samantha Bee
73. Carrie Fischer
74. Joan Rivers
75. Kristen Wiig
76. Bjork
77. Aimee Mann
78. Tori Amos
79. Lily Allen
80. Kate Nash
81. Florence (of Florence & the Machine)
82. Constance McMillen
83. Elizabeth Edwards
84. Biba Aisha
85. Ruth Reichl
86. Martha Stewart
87. Grace Bonney
88. Arianna Huffington
89. Nancy Drew
90. the Babysitters Club members
91. Rosie the Riveter
92. Paulette Barnes (#42 on list)
93. Linda Coffee & Sarah Weddington & Norma McCorvey (Roe vs. Wade)
94. Margaret Mead
95. Lisa, Marge & Maggie Simpson
96. Sally Ride
97. Eve Ensler
98. all these women
99. Cindy Sherman
100**. Tinker

*#47 is for my husband.
** of course there are so much more than 100. this is barely scratching the surface.


  1. Excellent list, lady! I love the inclusion of the Simpson women!

  2. heather- the simpson women are hilarious but can also be very sweet and brave, I love em

    Meghan- I can't tell if you like or hate this?? I like her because I thinki shes hilarious and she pokes fun at herself, who doesn't love/appreciate that?

  3. WOW, lisa, this is brilliant. bjork and tina fey would DEFINITELY make my list as well as the Obama ladies and jackie O. you've got a bitchin' collection here, lisa, happy International Women's Day/month.

  4. This is an excellent list. I would add a few:

    Harriet Tubman
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Sojourner Truth
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Margaret Sanger
    Gabrielle Giffords
    Kate Chopin
    Virginia Woolf
    Artemesia Gentileschi


    Oh, geez. This could go on for hundreds and hundreds ...

  5. jo- :)

    lizzie- thanks dear!

    sarah- great additions! isn't that the best part? this list could really be a million strong in no time. if I had more time, I would love to make a list of everyday women that make the news for good deeds, standing up for what they believe in, etc

  6. Awesome!

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  7. LOVE your list lady.

    I really enjoyed all the "In Her Own Words" posts around the internet. Such strong and powerful women out there!

  8. love and fully agree with this entire list. hope you're feeling better!

  9. thanks girls! also, iheartkiwi- I agree! those posts were amazing!