Sunday, January 16, 2011

what I'm drinking

* just an fyi, when you're drinking this you know you are drinking something healthy but it still tastes really good. a silly straw makes it taste better. also a tablespoon or two of honey sweetens it nicely.
** original recipe from here


  1. Silly straws make everything better!

  2. I love love love these drawings.

    And green smoothies with fruit.

  3. sounds delish. you are awesome, lady. crazy straws would make pee taste better i think...well...i don't really want to have said that.

  4. One of these days, I'm going to get out my Vitamix blender and start making smoothies, but I don't deserve a smoothie unless I win the big game on Friday night. Errr.

    Perhaps the marathon of Friday Night Lights has gone to my head.

  5. oh my god, you too???? i'm sorry, lisa, can't give it to you. my husband is obsessed with this kale shake recipe - his is similar except i think there are grapes - and i can't get down with it! he makes it every day and goes on and on about how it's the shit. :) hahahha. too funny.

  6. thanks lovies!

    giovanna- that is too funny. my husband is totally grossed out by my green juice too :)