Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh, deer

drawing is from a sweet deer my sister bought me from my favorite antiques place. and yes, that means my christmas decorations are still up.


  1. I know that the angled lines above the eyes is stitching, but it kind of reads as eyebrows too. The deer is angry! No, the deer isn't. The deer is angry! No...

    Um, sorry. I always hated it when people told me my drawing looked like something else, and here I am doing it to you.

    Way to keep up the drawings!

    PS we only took our decorations down two days ago... and even then I left one strand of lights up above the mantel.

  2. Aw, so cute! I love deer...I'm from West Virginia, they are our unofficial state animal!

    Anyway, your drawings are great!

  3. love your drawings, lady...love love love. we JUST took ours down yesterday. yikes.

  4. Stupid hillbillies. Have to go and ruin the whole "keep the decorations up all year" thing for everyone.

  5. lyn- ha ha! I never saw it that way but now I can't picture it any other way!

    heather- thank you!

    lizzie- he he I'm still behind you! today will be the day!

    kerry- ha ha true

    jolynn- thanks!