Friday, January 7, 2011

favorites mix

here are some songs that were my favorite song at one point or another in my life (grade school through a couple months ago). enjoy & happy friday!

Cold Hearted Snake- Paula Abdul
Little Pink Stars- Radish
Red Letter Day- The Get Up Kids
Sell My Old Clothes I'm Off to Heaven- Saves the Day
Fighting in a Sack- The Shins
The Cave- Mumford & Sons

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  1. ooh! we both are ROCKING the shins today, huh?! daaaayummnn. anyways, these are awesome...paula

  2. love it! Some songs just permanently attach themselves to my brain to be loved for eternity.

    (oh, and thanks for updating and adding me to your list! much appreciated!)

  3. The feeling is mutual! I always love-love-love your music too!

  4. Cold Hearted Snake! That straight up takes me back to fourth grade. Dig your songs as usual!

  5. Cold Hearted Snake? NICE!
    You never disappoint!

  6. ha ha, so what you ladies are telling me is every week I should put Paula Abdul on the mix??

  7. COLD HEARTED SNAKE! Also, I am loving the Get Up Kids.