Friday, September 9, 2011


(image from here)

I'm breaking out (feeling like a 'before' picture in a proactiv ad)

I'm bloated (think 'she better cool it on the nougat' rather than 'wow! that girl must be pregnant')

I'm burping.

I'm farting.

I'm hairier? (am I making this up or am I just getting worse at shaving/plucking?)

I'm still nauseous.

Sexy trimester*, my ass**

*I'm about 15 weeks now
**my ever expanding ass


  1. Oh girlie, sorry you're... well... everything. I must admit, I never believed in the "sexy trimester" and now you've confirmed it. But things will be looking up eventually. Babies make burping, farting, hair and nausea seem better.

  2. Oh, the fun times. And from my experience, you'll feel worse before you feel better. But the payoff is TOTALLY worth it! Feel better!

  3. My wife is full of shit.
    She is more beautiful than ever and has never farted once in her life.
    I asked her "Have you really been farting?"
    And she responded, "I think so."

    Let me tell you only a person who has never farted in her life would not know whether they had farted. Every time I fart I know about it. I keep a fart journal and record each one.

    Don't listen to her lies. She's just overly sensitive. And lying. A sensitive liar. That's my wife.

    And she's beautiful. Not like Frida up there. And what's this business with "extra hair"? Cut the shit, DeLorenzo. Seriously. Cut. the. shit. Nobody's buying it for a second, so stop trying to sell it.


  4. Well, I can safely say that my belly has hair on it that wasn't there pre-pregnancy. I have a reverse happy trail. It's a hot mess.

    Also my face has decided I need to go through my high school acne phase again. Sweet.

    You're not alone!

  5. i'm with ryan all the way. you're full of it, pretty lady.

  6. Pregnancy sounds like such a glorious and heavenly and blissfully radiant time!

  7. I love that you used a picture of Frida!

    I also love Ryan's comment.

    And I think pregnancy as a glorious time is either a myth invented by formula companies, or happens to those same people who never got a pimple during teen years.

  8. I have a confession. I have an Internet crush on Ryan, who is foul-mouthed and adoring all at the same time. Because that was awesome.

    There, I said it. You are a very lucky woman.

    Also, I highly suspect that Ryan is absolutely correct and that you are a gorgeous pregnant lady.