Tuesday, August 23, 2011

heroes & dog shows

I was actually going to post about the baby but then I was distracted by two things:

1. deputy butterbean
2. the purina dog show

#1 is a show about a pro wrestler or boxer or fighter of some kind who goes back to his home town to become a deputy. yes that's right, deputy butterbean. they are currently trying to set up a drug suspect. I love that his fellow deputies call him 'bean'.

#2 my husband just said to me 'I hate dog shows but I love you' kissed me and went into the room to read. I don't blame him. I think dog shows are a blast but can see why people don't love them as much as me. my personal favorite category is the toy category because it contains the most ridiculous breeds like this:

(pomeranian from here)

or this:

(maltese from here)

but nothing compares to the sheer insanity which is a show pekingese. please watch this video to truly appreciate it. the best part is the first minute or so. also, the soundtrack is key here. this dog truly is a hero.


  1. Ohh, I'm obsessed with dog shows, I can completely understand why a post about the baby may get put on the back burner. And kudos to the husband for tolerating your love of dog shows. Mine makes fun of me mercilessly for my obsession.

  2. um. i hate dog shows but i love you might be the cutest thing anyone's ever said to anyone ever.

  3. Um, that's adorable. And the soundtrack to that video is absolutely necessary.

  4. I'll admit it - I've always wanted a pomeranian. Maybe some day. Don't judge too much. :)

  5. miss fp- hooray! I think they are so fun. hopefully you're husband will warm to them?

    lizzie- they crack me up, also they make me want 1,000 new pets

    heather- it so is! I can't tell if the person who made the video is being ironic or not...

    shannon- they are so so adorable. no judgements at all! I find them terribly sweet

  6. Video is amazing! (Toy is my fav category too. We watched a dog show on our honeymoon b/c we were so out of touch with actual ON-TV-RIGHT-NOW TV.) :)

  7. BWAHAHA! I'm going to go with ironic, because I found that absolutely hilarious.

  8. jo- yess! if you were nearby, I'd invite you over for tea sandwiches + dog show watching

    craftosaurus- yes! good me too :)

  9. That Maltese is my dogs father! LOL!